"Hand-made clothes are luxuries and not necessarily everyone owns them. Who wants to have them, either have to pay the master master for them or have to make them itself."

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About us!

The name of Sissy Gavazova and her brand "Fortuna Style" is associated with elegance and precision to the smallest detail. Her dresses distinguish exclusively with the hand made work on them.

She selects expensive and delicate boutique fabric as they definitely make the clothes. Her most favorite fabric is silk. She loves it into all its varieties - raw cotton and satin , because with natural silk even the simplest model becomes remarkable. The lace inspires her too. That is why she uses it in many of her creations.

She believes that a designer could be anyone , but not everyone can work with fabric, model it and sew creations of himself. Therefore she prefers to call her stylist - designer.




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Sissy Gavazova

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